Democrats seriously out of touch on issues most important to voters

IBS Editorial:
Democrats like to portray Republicans as out of touch. But a new poll shows that it’s Democrats who are fixated on issues the public could hardly care less about, and who are too trusting of government.

The poll, taken by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, asked people an open ended question: “Which problems would you like the government to be working on in the year 2016?”

Based ON the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and their debates so far, you’d think the answers would be things like income inequality, “taking on” Wall Street, gun control, criminal justice reform, climate change and gay rights.

For most people, these issues aren’t priorities at all. Just 8% of those surveyed listed income inequality as a problem the government should be working on; 4% said Wall Street regulation; 15% listed gun issues; 18% said climate change; and 7% minimum wage. Gay rights, women’s rights and special interest money in politics each scored 1%.

What do people want Washington to focus on? Forty four percent listed unemployment/jobs or the economy as a top problem; 34% said terrorism; 29% listed immigration. In other words, they’re concerned about topics that Republican presidential candidates have spent a great deal of time talking about.
There is more.

This could help explain why Democrats are losing in head to head polling to the top three GOP candidates.


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