Some ministers in Iowa explain why they support Cruz

An Iowa Evangelical Pastor Leads His Coveted Flock to Ted Cruz

“A lot of evangelicals in the state of Iowa, we look at candidates based upon a three-tier value system: What will a candidate do about life, marriage and religious liberty?” he told members of his 200-member congregation attending Wednesday night’s weekly study session. “It’s not that economics and the economy are not important; they are. It’s not that health care is not important; it is, but that it takes a second seat, a back seat, to those three critical issues.”
They have a belief that if you get those three things right the other things will get worked out.  It would be very hard for Democrats to appeal to these voters with their stand on abortions, gay marriage and punishing anyone who does not go along with them on those issues.  Cruz seems to be the obvious choice for these voters.


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