Gas is less expensive in Houston, Texas than some Middle East countries

Fuel Fix:
Oil’s drop makes it cheaper to fill up in Houston than Abu Dhabi

The price of the cheapest grade in the United Arab Emirates, of which Abu Dhabi is the capital, is 1.51 dirhams per liter ($1.55 a gallon) for January, according to the country’s Ministry of Energy. That compares with $1.32 a gallon for the lowest regular fuel in Houston, data compiled by show. Houston drivers haven’t paid less on average than Abu Dhabi pump prices since 2008, according to the data. Dubai is the second-largest emirate in the U.A.E. which has the same fuel prices nationwide.
The Saudis have also cut subsidies for their gas sales.  The lowest I have seen locally is $1.52.  On my recent West Coast trip, I paid as much as $3.26 in California, although the price dropped over a dollar a gallon from that level in Arizona.


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