The Carbon tax price fixing scheme

William O'Keefe:
... the premise for a carbon tax is that carbon dioxide (CO2) is harmful. How do we know that? Climate advocates, not science tell us so. What do we know with certainty about CO2? It is a nutrient that is essential for the growth of crops, plants, and trees. Satellite photos show that as it has increased in the atmosphere, the planet has been greening. We know that it is a greenhouse gas but its warming potential is not linear, which means that each incremental addition to the atmosphere has less of a warming effect than the preceding increment. That is a reason to challenge apocalyptic predictions about the future. We also know that over the course of the earth’s history, there have been times when CO2 levels have been higher as well as times when temperatures have been higher as well. But, our climate history does not show a correlation between the two. As an aside, although NOAA proclaimed 2015 to be the warmest year on record, it wasn’t. Last year’s average temperature was 54.4 degrees F. In 1934, it was 54.9. So much for honest reporting!

The final reason why the case for a carbon tax is so weak has to do with its implementation. Politicians have an insatiable appetite for spending. A carbon tax is a revenue generating machine in the hands of spending addicts....
If a business conspired to raises prices  it would be an illegal means to raise revenue, but when government conspires to raise the price of a commercial product liberals are all for it.

Recall that the same people pushing this agenda have been consistently wrong in their predictions about the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere.  Al Gore famously said we had only 10 years to save the planet over 10 years ago now.  Others have predicted that we needed to submit to their control freak agenda or the planet would be irretrievably lost annually suggesting that it had to be done before the next climate gaggle.


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