Does this mean that the University of Texas will start interviewing conservatives for positions?

Houston Chronicle:
Under a new policy announced by chancellor Bill McRaven on Thursday, University of Texas institutions must interview "a candidate from an underrepresented group" — meaning women or minorities — for all senior administrative positions.

The rule, which McRaven said went into effect immediately, applies to all executive positions that report to the school president. In the Longhorns' athletic department, that would cover the men's and women's athletic directors. But a UT system official said institutions will be "encouraged" to follow the rule for other senior administrator positions, which include coaches.

UT's policy is based on the "Rooney Rule" designed in 2003 to increase minority coaching hires in the NFL.
The most underrepresented group at UT in the faculty and staff is conservatives.  Liberals hold a disproportionate number of jobs of all types in the UT system.  There is very little ideological diversity and this rule should be expanded to include that too.   The ideological bigotry in hiring in higher education is a serious problem that needs to be addressed and applying this rule to it should begin immediately.


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