Who knew there was friction between Taliban and government?

Washington Post:
 The Taliban this week has shuttered or partially shuttered about 50 schools in southeastern Afghanistan, a bold display of the insurgency’s power in a part of the country now at the center of the American war effort. 
The closings apparently came in response to an Afghan government decision to ban motorcycles in the southern districts of Ghazni province. Officials in Ghazni outlawed their use last fall after insurgents used unmarked bikes to carry out attacks on civilians and local authorities. 
The ban, which is supported by the United States and its allies, has drastically restricted the insurgency’s movement, according to Afghan security officials, and added to existing friction between the Taliban and the government.
Stopping Taliban mobility is the best way to defeat their insurgency.  You do it by cutting off their ability to move to contact and restricting the use of their motorcycles is a good start.  The Taliban retaliation against school kids does not strike me as a way to win hearts and minds.  Intimidation only gets you so far, but it never gets you any love.


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