Making Democrat voter fraud difficult

NY Times:

Obama Campaign Grapples With New Voter ID Laws

Advisers to President Obama’s re-election bid say many new laws put a heavy burden on the voter registration process.
Here is how voter fraud usually happens in Democrat districts.  "People" will register giving their address as a vacant lot or a store front.  Without a requirement for voter ID they would just go in and request a ballot.  If they split up the bogus registrations among several precincts it is less likely that a poll watcher could catch them, unless they have done their homework and know the registrations to the bogus addresses.   You also see it happen with absentee ballots where someone claims to be voting for someone at a bogus address or someone living in a nursing home who has not voted recently.

Democrats want to keep these scams going.  That is why Holder is filing ridiculous objections to Voter ID laws.  We are also seeing Democrats trying to void the Voter ID law in Wisconsin where they also used bogus names on the recall petition.  Wisconsin is a state with same day registration which allows the Democrats to bus people in from Chicago and elsewhere to vote.

These allegations are mostly informed speculation, although there have been cases recently where Democrats used the absentee ballot scam.  The questionable registrations were discovered by the True The Vote crew.  In Wisconsin Democrat judges let obvious cartoon character's on recall petitions.

I suspect there is a lot of other ways they attempt to to steal elections.  If they were concerned about the integrity of elections they would stop their ridiculous opposition to Voter ID which is supported by a huge majority of voters.

As for the voter registration process, I don't see it putting any meaningful burden on real voters.  It may be a problem for the ACORN type drives where people make up names and addresses, but it is hard for even the Democrats to defend that conduct.  The states should make a better effort of removing dead people from their roles.  If the Democrats need their vote they are truly depraved.


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