The EPA targets for crucifixion

...Rush Limbaugh characterized the crucifixion comment as a vendetta against Big Oil. 
Wrong-o. EPA is after smaller oil and gas companies, like Range Resources (800 employees) and my company (24 employees). Big Oil has unlimited resources and staff attorneys to fight back. EPA can much more effectively achieve their goals by singling out the little guy who they can crush like a bug. 
Or crucify, as it were....
Certainly smaller companies are more vulnerable to intimidation by the EPA, because they cannot afford to fight them even if they win.  The EPA has become an agency of bullies who attempt to intimidate those they attack with bogus claims of wetlands and bogus claims of fracking causing water contamination.  It is Chicago style thuggery with a Roman twist.

I would note that the guy apologized for the "words" he chose.  He did not apologize for his attitude.  Apparently his supervisors want him to be a little more subtle in using intimidation techniques.


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