Mass murder for Allah attack kills 15 in Nigeria

Bodies were lying around Bayero University campus where Christian worshippers were holding a service.
A bomb squad and military units are searching for the gunmen.
No group has said it launched the attack, but the violent Islamist Boko Haram group is active in Kano. It has recently attacked churches.
Nigeria's central government has struggled to contain the militant group, which operates mainly in the predominantly Muslim north, but has also struck as far south as the capital, Abuja.
Sunday's attack took place in one of the lecture theatres used as a place of worship by Christians.
 A witness told AFP news agency the attackers had first thrown in explosives and fired shots, "causing a stampede among worshippers". 
"They now pursued them, shooting them with guns. They also attacked another service at the sporting complex." 
Another witness spoke of "pandemonium", and said he had seen two men shooting indiscriminately....
Boko Harem is made up of Islamic religious bigots who specialize in killing Christians.  They are affiliated with al Qaeda.  The security guards on the campus apparently fled rather than confronting the murderers.


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