Liberals have tough time with rejection

Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann:

Gridlock is the GOP’s fault

While I might like to take credit for gridlock in Washington, the reap problem is that we have a radical President who is bleeding the country white with excessive spending and the Republicans have not been all that effective at stopping him.  Obama has been irresponsible in dealing with the debt crisis and will only make it worse if he is reelected.  He is inept in negotiating and thinks giving a speech is leadership.  Ornstein and Mann also miss the fact that Democrats have lost credibility on the issue of controlling spending and that is why they can't structure a deal with Republicans.

In every deal to raise taxes and cut spending the Democrats have actually increased spending.  You cannot take their promises seriously and they have no answer to the debt crisis that entitlement spending is causing.  None.  Zero.  Even if you gave them every tax increase they wanted, it would not pay for the entitlement spending, much less ridiculous programs like the health care law.

Democrats have been trying to hide their unpopular fiscal plans by refusing to pass a budget for three years.  Cutting a deal with fiscal insanity is not something voters expect from the Republicans they elect.

Karl at Hot Air also takes on the piece.


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