Describing the Obama campaign strategy

Washington Post:
...Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, in the memo compared President Obama’s campaign to “one of those gyrating, intermittent lawn sprinklers, spewing out attacks in seemingly random directions, hoping to get somebody wet somewhere but hoping even more to talk about anything but the unemployment rate, federal debt, gas prices, or rising health insurance premiums.” 
“We now know that only one campaign is going to run on President Obama’s record of the past three-and-a-half years in office - and it’s not the Obama campaign,” he wrote. “Without the ability to run on a record of achievement, the incumbent is reduced to a campaign based on scattershot attacks on Governor Romney in particular and Republicans in general.”...
The description is apt.  Obama has no plan for dealing with the debt crisis, energy prices (other than to raise them), or the health care crisis he has created.  He knows he is on the wrong side of the voter on those issues so he is trying to change the subject.

The Romney campaign has been good at responding to the obfuscation of team Obama so far.  They will have many more opportunities over the next months.


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