Attacking Houston with your money

Doug Ross:
Great News: American Lung Association Helping the EPA Crucify Energy Companies With Your Money
 Just when you thought all of the corrupt uses of Stimulus money had been exposed -- from Solyndra to Tesla Motors -- comes word that even ostensibly independent organizations like the American Lung Association are suspect. It's called greed, drones. Google it.
Let's start with an article from last week's Houston Business Journal headlined "Houston listed as one of worst cities for smog"....
There is much more.

It is a good piece that shows how the American Lung Association  has been taking stimulus grants and is using them to attack cities and industries the EPA is targeting.  It should be noted that in a recent survey of the 10 most polluted cities, none were in Texas and the top five were in California.  But the ALA says Houston is number eight on their list.  Apparently they have become allies in the administration's war against Texas.

Actually, Texas cities are very clean compared to cities I have seen in Asia.  Ross makes that point with a picture from China.


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