San Antonio area state senate race heats up

San Antonio Express News:
Former Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones has released two television ads in her bid to unseat longtime state Sen. Jeff Wentworth
The ads feature Jones, often in a hard hat at a drilling site, while her voiceover touts her ability to create jobs, balance the budget and fight the Obama administration. 
She speaks nary a word about her opponent. 
Wentworth, on the other hand, has taken a decidedly different tack in his first television ad, released Thursday. 
The 30-second spot, which can be seen on YouTube, paints Jones as a carpetbagger controlled by special interests outside of District 25, which includes Alamo Heights and Olmos Park, all or part of Hays, Kendall, Comal, Bexar and Guadalupe counties, and a chunk of South Austin. 
Jones and Wentworth share the May 29 Republican primary ballot with Donna Campbell, an emergency room physician running to the right of her opponents. 
“To watch them battle it out for least-entrenched politico is like watching the cast of ‘Jersey Shore' battle it out for citizen of the year,” said Campbell's spokesman, Jon Oliver
Earlier this week, Jones hit back after Wentworth was quoted in a recent Associated Press story as saying, “This woman has no idea who she is dealing with.” 
Jones called out the seven-term senator as arrogant and patronizing, “one of the most liberal Republicans” in the state Legislature who “sides with personal injury trial lawyers and Senate Democrats” and wanted to “raid the Rainy Day Fund” in the most recent session.

I like both Jones and Campbell.  Jones did a good job on the Railroad Commission and her commitment to stopping lawsuit abuse in commendable.  Campbell ran a better than expected race against liberal Lloyd Doggett  two years ago.  Both are probably more conservative than Wentworth.  Either would probably be an upgrade.


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