F-22's sent to Persian Gulf area

Washington Post:
The United States has deployed a number of stealth jets, its most modern, fifth-generation fighter bomber, to an air base in Southwest Asia, according to the Air Force. 
The service would not say where the F-22 Raptors would be based, but the U.S. military has recently moved other assets into the Persian Gulf amid concerns about a confrontation with Iran.
An Air Force spokesman, Capt. Phil Ventura, described the deployment as “regularly scheduled” activity being undertaken to strengthen military-to-military relationships, regional security and work on “tactical interoperability.” 
He said the number of F-22s involved and the length of their deployment were not being released to protect operational security. 
The transfer of warplanes to the gulf comes as the United States and five other world powers are preparing for critical talks with Iran on proposed curbs to its nuclear program. At a meeting two weeks ago, Iran agreed to discuss its nuclear future without preconditions, and senior Iranian officials have since hinted at a willingness to scale back portions of the country’s program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions.
 Also last month, new F-15 fighter jets with the 104th Fighter Wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard were sent on their first overseas deployment to an undisclosed Central Command location. At a ceremony marking their departure, Col. Robert Brooks, the unit commander, said that “should Iran test the 104th,” the unit would be ready, according to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.
The planes are probably flying out of a base in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.  It is the kind of build up necessary to deal with Iran should it lash out after an attack by Israel.  It is a prudent move to protect our assets in the region as well as our allies.


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