South seen as enemy turf by DOJ employees

PJ Media has obtained Facebook postings from Department of Justice Voting Section employees demonstrating contempt for the states for which they have oversight authority under the Voting Rights Act, including for voter ID approval. One such posting demonstrates open contempt for Mississippi, a state which recently passed a photo voter identification law. The same Voting Section employees have the power to approve the law. 
On her Facebook page, Voting Section supervisory civil rights analyst Stephanie Celandine Gyamfi says about the people of Mississippi: 
“Disgusting and shameful. Hey, that should replace the state motto: ‘Mississippi: Disgusting and Shameful’. . . forget the Magnolia State motto.”
 (Hans von Spakovsky also has this PJ Media story about Gyamfi: “The Justice Department Condones Perjury … Again“) 
The DOJ inspector general is conducting a wide-ranging investigation of Civil Rights Division employee bias against conservatives and other misconduct, including the perjury matters in von Spakovsky’s article.  Sources say no remedial action has yet been taken for any of the employee misconduct in the Civil Rights Division. 
Shortly, Mississippi will have to decide whether to submit its photo voter identification law for approval to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice Voting Section where Gyamfi reviews such submissions. Employees of the Voting Section view southern states with, at best, skepticism and, at worst, as demonstrated in this Facebook posting, with contempt. As I write in my book Injustice: 
Voting Section visits to the deep South are seen by some as expeditions to alien territory. 
Anyone who questions this simplistic worldview must be a racist, if not an outright Klansman.When I worked at the Voting Section, other attorneys openly expressed the view that travels to the South made them uncomfortable, including the white attorneys. They viewed southerners as oppressive and bigoted....The contempt that DOJ Civil Rights Division employees have for southerners manifests in public policy — whether skepticism toward legislative motives in enacting voter ID, or, as I experienced firsthand, unwillingness to protect whites in Mississippi who were the victims of racial discrimination by black officials....
The hostility of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice seems to mirror the hostility of the EPA enforcement effort where bully tactics are imposed rather than a rational hearing on the merits of a dispute.  The Opposition to voter ID is paranoid idiocy.  Anyone who needs an ID can get it at no charge.  What Democrats really oppose is electoral integrity.  They want to be able to keep on cheating and stealing elections.


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