US arrests 750 alleged members of drug cartel


US federal agents have arrested some 750 people across the country in a crackdown on Mexican drug cartels, US Attorney General Eric Holder has said.

Among them were 52 people arrested on Wednesday in California, Minnesota and Maryland in raids targeting the powerful Sinaloa cartel, he said.

Agents also seized 23 tonnes of drugs in the 21-month operation.

A 2008 justice department report found Mexican traffickers were the biggest organised crime threat to the US.

Most of the cocaine available in the US is smuggled via the US-Mexican border, while Mexican drug traffickers control most of the US drug market.

Mexican smugglers are also increasingly working with US gangs, the report found.

The Sinaloa cartel is one of four main Mexican drug-trafficking groups, the others being the Gulf cartel, the Tijuana cartel and the Juarez cartel.


The Sinaloa cartel has left a trail of blood across Mexico. Much of it was spilled in in attempts to get its inventory to its operatives in the US. The fights to control Juarez and Tijuana are about controlling the supply lines into the US.

Arrest in this number across the US required substantial preparation, but it should slow the cash flow for the Mexican criminal insurgency and help Mexico get control of the gangs.

The AP reports that the value of seized materials was $59 million.


  1. Anonymous5:17 AM

    I live in Las Cruces,NM. We are about 45 miles from El Paso, and Juarez. Up to the north, hwy 70, and I-25, and to the west, I-10, we have US Border Patrol stations. Each of these stations are about 25 miles into the American soil from where I live. So that means that the drugs can and do make it into the US. The check point stations do not stop every car or truck, but the one I travel through has a sign indicating the amount of drugs it has seized. The one checkpoint has found thousands of pounds and multimillion dollar amounts per year. I wish the Border Patrol would put about 15 more stations at the border to be able to search more people and cars BEFORE crossing the border.

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Why does the Border Patrol have checkpoints 60 miles inside the US border? I think they should have 15 more stations AT the border to seize more of the drugs.


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