Missing Bush



nd if that annoys anyone, that’s too bad.

Seems increasingly like all the “Fascist Bush” caterwauling was the usual fake, dishonest theater meant as a means to an end - the end being to destroy the hated “election stealer” and his legacy, and not much more.

But you know, for someone who “did everything wrong,” his policies suddenly seem wise and right to some surprising people.

It’s easy to campaign and criticize. It’s much more difficult to govern, especially knowing that if you don’t keep the country safe, you don’t get re-elected.

And if you don’t get re-elected, good heavens! How can you continue and complete the coup?

Even with restrictions to free speech and the press watching your back as much as possible, and destroying all possible rivals, it will be very hard for them to spin it if people start saying, “at least Bush kept us safe, not like Obama.

So, the FISA stays, Gitmo (despite all the righteous-sounding rhetoric) is not so bad, after all. Terrorist-suspected detainees do not enjoy constitutional rights, after all. Patriot Act, stays. Whether succeeding presidents will abuse the powers Bush put in place to protect us is rather less a question than a surety. Not an “if” but a “when.” And that is troubling, oh yes.

Of course, if we’re destroyed from within, economically, socially and in every other way, well…that won’t be seen as “not keeping us safe,” will it? That will just be seen as “Obama’s brave economic unilateralism being unable save the country from the disastrous global Bush recession.”

But at least we had the courage to elect an “elegant man” as president.

And of course, a Democrat could never, ever have anything to do with economic disaster. And Bush and his administration never warned congress about Fannie and Freddie and this sort of stuff, or asked for some revisions to a ruinous policy.


There is more.

This should become a classic in describing the hypocrisy of Democrats and the media. It is definitely worth reading in full. Brilliant.


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