Osprey should be used in Afghanistan

Danger Room:

If the U.S. Marines have their way, the controversial V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor may soon be in the skies over Afghanistan.

The unique hybrid aircraft -- which combines the vertical landing capability of a helicopter with the speed and range of a fixed-wing plane -- made its combat debut in Iraq in late 2007. While not all has been rosy, the aircraft has served effectively as a VIP shuttle and troop transport. Even Presidential candidate Barack Obama got a ride during a 2008 fact-finding trip.

With the mission in Iraq winding down, Ospreys may now be heading to Afghanistan. 2nd Lt. Josh Diddams, a Marine Corps spokesman, told DANGER ROOM that as of yet no decision has been made to send a tiltrotor squadron to Afghanistan. But he added: "We wouldn't mind seeing them in Afghanistan, they're ideally suited for operating there."


I think the Osprey is an ideal craft for Afghanistan. Its speed and altitude make it possible for forces to be more efficient at reaching remote areas. I believe that with the additions of a large numbers of Marines to the force in Afghanistan they will take their best equipment withthem including the Osprey.


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