Somalia condemned to Shari'a Law


Somalia's President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has agreed to a truce and the introduction of Sharia law to try to defuse clashes with tribal leaders.

The deal came after talks between the Somali government and its clan opponents, and mediation by regional religious leaders.

The government has been in clashes with the Islamist group al-Shabaab, which has links to al-Qaeda.

Sheikh Sharif, a former moderate rebel leader, was elected only last month.

The agreement has yet to be passed by Somalia's parliament, but the president said there was no problem from the government's side if people wanted to be governed by Sharia law.


Shari's Law is a crime against humanity. Cruel and unusual punishment is the usual under this barbaric code. Corporal punishment is the norm as is dismemberment. Only a sadist would support such a code.

CNN has more on the deal with the Islamic religious bigots.


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