The frill is gone from underwear?

Washington Times:

What's the world coming to?

It's coming to granny underwear at a Wal-Mart near you, apparently.

That's right, sexy underwear is giving way to basic and practical.

While Victoria's Secret posted huge losses for the last quarter, Hanes - maker of Playtex - is gaining market share.

Maidenform, which hasn't released its fourth-quarter earnings, is also going relatively strong, posting gains for the third quarter of 2008.

"Consumers are in the mood for basics - just as they're letting go of the frilly extras at the grocery store, they're also passing it up when it comes to lingerie," said consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow. "Practical, basic, trusted, timeless - these are the types of products that feel satisfying to consumers right now."


Just think what could be saved if they did not buy any new underwear. The art of paying more for less was an easier sale than most would imagine because it usually showed more of what partners were interested in. Will the new look have the opposite effect?


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