UK continues to free terror suspects

Daily Mail:

Four terror suspects described as 'highly dangerous' were freed by immigration judges yesterday despite fears that they will go on the run.

The decision brought an angry reaction from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who said she was 'extremely disappointed'.

The men, three Algerians and a Jordanian, are facing deportation as a threat to national security. They were arrested on Thursday night amid concern that they will try to flee.

But judges on the Special Immigration Appeals Commission ordered that they should be freed on bail. A fifth man arrested at the same time must stay behind bars.

One of the freed suspects is a 42-year-old Algerian who was arrested on terrorism and fraud charges in 1997.

Chemicals, catalogues of military equipment - including night vision goggles, radios and rockets - and bomb-making literature were found in his home.

The man - referred to only as Z - came to Britain in 1992 on a tourist visa and overstayed. He has admitted to leading a London group of the Algerian Islamic extremist organisation GIA, which has had links to Al Qaeda.

A source familiar with the case said: 'These men are highly dangerous individuals. There is no doubt whatsoever that they pose a threat to national security. They should not have been allowed to walk free.'

The only thing worse than UK immigration judges are the European Union immigration judges who usually award the terrorist money equal to a lottery winning ticket when they release them to prey on society.


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