Spain seizes dope from Venezuela


A Venezuelan fishing boat has been seized near the Canary Islands with five tonnes of cocaine on board, Spanish customs officials have said.

The drug shipment is thought to have a street value of 250m euros (£221m). Five Venezuelan crew members were held.

Officials boarded the Dona Fortuna about 780 nautical miles (1,444 km) north-east of the islands on Thursday.

Spanish police also impounded a speedboat on the country's north coast on suspicion it was involved.

The high-speed boat, which was loaded with gasoline, was intercepted near a village on the sparsely-populated coast of Galicia, a favoured entry point for cocaine smugglers bringing the drug into Europe.

Customs officials believed the boat was about to rendezvous with the Dona Fortuna.


The crew on the seized boat were all Venezuelan. I guess the price of dope has not fallen as much as the price of oil in Venezuela. There have been several reports giving details of the transit of drugs through Venezuela with the complicity of government officials. In the past the dope would be flown by plane from Venezuela to West Africa where it would be taken to Europe. Recently some of the planes were seized and it appears the Venezuelan connection is using old boats.


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