Democrats 'dismayed' by enforcement of rule of law

Washington Times:

Immigrant rights groups blasted President Obama on Wednesday for breaking what they called his "personal commitment" to change Bush-era immigration raids after U.S. authorities raided an engine machine shop in Washington state and detained illegal immigrants.

The Obama administration itself seemed taken aback by the raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano vowing to Congress that she would "get to the bottom of this."

"The secretary is not happy and this is not her policy," a Homeland Security official said Wednesday evening, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the secretary's review is ongoing.

White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said "these raids are not a long-term solution."

"Secretary Napolitano is conducting a thorough review of ICE, including enforcement," Mr. Shapiro said. "The president believes we must respect due process and our best values as we enforce the law. The real answer to our broken immigration system is to fix it. The president has said that we will start the immigration reform debate this year, and this continues to be the plan."

The raid in Bellingham, Wash., was the first major workplace enforcement action since Mr. Obama took office, but the second time a law enforcement action has angered the White House.

A similar backlash ensued earlier this month when the Drug Enforcement Administration raided medical marijuana dispensaries in California, despite Mr. Obama's campaign pledges not to interfere with state laws on the matter. In that instance, the White House said Mr. Obama hadn't put his people in place.


The Democrats opposition to the rule of law shows their lack of seriousness when it comes to enforcing the law of the land. It is going to revive the immigration debate and it will not be to their liking.

Democrats usually trot out an argument that proponents of enforcing the law are anti immigrant. This is a bogus argument. I am happy to have legal immigrants in this country, but those who jump the queue should face consequences for their conduct, and we should arrest them when we find them. These arrest will also encourage a self deportation of other immigrants who came here illegally. That is already happening and the Democrats' opposition to law enforcement will only slow the self deportations.


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