Thugs in tents

Gateway Pundit has a long post on the Hezballah overnighter in Lebanon.


You may have noticed the absence of Hezbollah flags at the protest on Friday...
The BBC shows what happened to one protester who went against the pre-planned protest rules and started waving a yellow Hezbollah flag... He was whisked away by Hezbollah marshals!

Mary Katherine Ham reported this on the latest developments at the Hezbollah tent city, via The Australian:

After darkness fell, protesters blocked access roads to Mr Siniora's office where he was holed up inside. They put up tents on at least three main roads leading to the government building.

"We are inside, a group of ministers and the prime minister," a government official said. He declined to say which ministers were there and did not give any further details except to say their families were not with them.
The road blocks may be the start of Hezbollah's coup d’etat.

The flags would be symbolic of a coup attempt rather than a political movement and that is why they have tucked them a way for now. Do not be surprise to see them waved when this protest fails to dislodge the government. Hezballah should be slinking away right now in shame for all the damage they have caused Lebanon. Instead they are trying to topple a government that has not been as critical of their actions as it should have. It is an organization that is still in desperate need of destruction.


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