Rocket attacks provoke Israeli response

AP/NY Times:

Israel decided on Wednesday to resume pinpoint attacks against Palestinian rocket-launching cells in Gaza, seriously jeopardizing what is already a shaky, month-old truce with Gaza militants.

The decision came hours after a rocket seriously wounded two Israeli teenage boys in Sderot, a town in southern Israel close to the Gaza border. Shortly after, a rocket was fired from Gaza, the military reported, without providing further details.

Israel Radio said the projectile landed in an open field in the Sderot area, causing no injuries or damage. No militant group immediately claimed responsibility.

Although Israel declared it remained committed to the truce, the decision to strike against rocket launchers clearly raises the level of violence.

There is more to this convoluted logic. What is omitted is that within the last week one of the rockets caused serious damage and injury in Sderot. What is so illogical about this article is the suggestion that the response to provocation is jeopardizing a "truce." Isn't blazingly obvious to even the AP that the rocket attacks were a blatant violation of the "truce." In fact the rocket attacks are clear evidence that the Palestinians have nothing of value to offer Israel in a any agreement. That is because they either will not or cannot control Palestinians who want to stay at war with Israel despite any agreement. There will be no peace in this area until Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezballah are destroyed. Fatah is no prize either, but at least they occasionally pretend to want to abide by an agreement.


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