Dead by Dawn?

Jules Crittenden talks about a conversation with a fellow embed during the liberation of Iraq and their thoughts on Saddam's projected demise.


We all know the enormity of his crimes, and many of us know men and women who are dead because of him. But the only satisfaction I'll feel with his death is to know that there is still justice that is carried to termination and not cynically subverted in this world. It is only more death on top of death after that.

It is an interesting post with several links.

I think Saddam's death makes a statement about the difference in Iraq. Yes, there is still violence like there was before he was deposed. The big difference now is that there is hope for justice for the victims, that was not there while he was in command. Some of his old murders are still at it, but they too have to face the fact that they may meet the same end, and at least now, there are people shooting back at them.


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