400 complaints against Duke rape DA Nifong


The North Carolina Attorney General's Office has received more than 400 complaints about Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong, according to an attorney general's representative.

Nifong, who critics say improperly withheld DNA evidence from defense attorneys in the Duke lacrosse investigation, has come under scrutiny recently from local and national state lawmakers, most recently state Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Wayne.

LaRoque on Tuesday called for the state to give the attorney general power to investigate how DAs handle cases.

Is that all. I think we can do better.

The most mysterious thing about this case is what the DA has as evidence to support the remaining charges. There seems to be a complete absences of any physical evidence. That leaves unsupported claims by a witness who he has already had to admit lacked credibility on the original rape charge. As some one who has tried numerous cases and has also been the arbitrator of numerous cases I think the possibility of Nifong carrying his burden of proof in this case is remote at best unless he has something in his brief case that has not been seen yet.

Update: The AP is reporting that the North Carolina Bar Association has filed ethics charges against the DA, "accusing him of saying misleading or inflammatory things to the news media about the athletes under suspicion." The punishment range is from admonishment to disbarment.


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