7 bombs explode in Bangkok

My daughter just called to let me know that she and her family are safe after the bombings that were done by presumably members of the Religion of Peace, aka Islamic religious bigots. CNN reports that at least one person died in the blasts.


One of the blasts occurred at a mall near the Victory Monument in the center of the Thai capital, Reuters reported.

"There was a big bang and people started screaming and running. I saw people with blood all over their legs and faces," witness Chalermsak Sanbee, 17, told Reuters.

The religious bigots have been primarily bombing schools and killing teachers in the Muslim sections of Thailand near the Malaysia border area. After the recent coup the new government headed by a Muslim general has tried being nicer to the murders, but it appears not to have persuaded them to stop.

Counterterrorism Blog has more on the blasts. The argument against the involvement of the Islamist bigots is that there were so few casualties.


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