Muslim aparthied deadly for Christians in Iran

Gateway Pundit:


Regime Change Iran is reporting that the death of Iranian Christian Ghorban Tori (Ghorban Dordi Tourani) was a direct result of orders by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to put a stop to house churches.
Regime Change and SOS Iran reported:

A former Muslim of Turkmen descent, Tori had converted to Christianity more than 10 years ago, while in Turkmenistan.

After he returned to his native Iran in 1998, Tori began to share his new Christian faith with friends and relatives. Within two years, a small fellowship of 12 believers was meeting in his home.

But not all welcomed his message; at least one relative attacked Tori, scarring his face. In the past year he received several threats from Islamic extremists vowing to kill him if he did not stop sharing his Christian faith.

Tori is survived by his wife and four children, ages 3 to 23.

He is the fifth Protestant pastor assassinated in Iran by unidentified killers in the past 11 years. Three of the five were former Muslims, under Iranian law subject to the death penalty for having committed apostasy.


As mentioned here before, the Muslim religious bigots are showing what they will do if they get power over non Muslims. We need to be confronting this religious bigotry. If we do not there will be another holocaust of Christians and Jews.


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