A time for action in the Persian Gulf

Jules Crittenden looks at the timing of events in Iraq and the coincidence of having two carriers in the Persian Gulf. Tying events to the recent capture of Iranian military leaders in Iraq, he believes that it could be a good time to go after Iran's nuke facilities.


... When I spoke to John Pike at GlobalSecurity.org about Saddam's long drop/short rope situation yesterday, he was more interested in reports of an early Gulfward departure of the Carrier Strike Group Stennis, to allow greater crossover time with CSG Eisenhower, creating a two-deck Carrier Task Force with greater strike capability. It is no secret that the U.S. and Royal navies are building up forces in the region. The midterm elections are done, Pike noted, and the 2008 elections are as far away as they are going to be. Politically, it is probably the best time to strike Iranian WMD sites and other targets, if that is what you want to do.

It is an interesting theory, but you should also be on the look out for ships and submarines that launch cruise missiles before any attack on Iran facilities. My own belief is that we would need more than two carriers in the area, because we should not limit the attacks to the nuke facilities. We know that Iran has said that it would attempt to block the Straights of Hormuz. We need to include in our attacks an facilities and equipment that they might use to do that. Whjile we are at it we should destroy Iran's other weapons production facilities, especially the ones that are supplying the enemy in Iraq.


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