The state of the Jihad

Bill Roggio looks at most of the battle space. The enemy has had the most success in Pakistan where they control much of the tribal areas and Pakistan released over 2,000 enemy troops. Elsewhere the Jihadis have suffered reverses as a general rule.

Not mentioned is the media battle space where the Jehadis have had the most success with a relatively compliant media willing to respond tho their PR initiatives. No where have they been more successful than in the media battle space in Iraq. Iraq is a theater in which the enemy is unable to launch a militarily significant attack. Instead it has focused on a PR campaign based primarily on killing non combatants. Instead of reporting these events as war crimes the media blames the US and the local Iraqi government for not stopping the attacks. The media has also played up failed attacks by the enemy as a failure by the US to stop them. This PR campaign has driven down the approval of the US war effort in the US.


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