Increase in Iraqi participation in war effort

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell:


In Al Anbar province, the Iraqi security force recently completed its most successful recruiting drive to date. Despite repeated attacks against the Iraqi security force and recruits in Al Anbar, last month 1,115 Iraqi men signed up to join the police forces there.

To help put this in context, eight months ago, there were zero recruits in Ramadi. This month over 600 recruits from Ramadi alone have qualified for enlistment.

We're also seeing average Iraqis step up to help defeat the terrorists and criminals in Iraq. From January to September of 2006, Iraqis provided, on the average of 4,500 tips per month on possible terrorist or criminal activity in their areas. In October and November, these tips increased by more than 66 percent, to over 7,600 tips per month. As of December 22nd, we are on pace to exceed over 8,700 tips this past month. This would indicate to us that the Iraqi people are tired of the violence perpetrated upon them by terrorist and criminal elements, and they want to be part of the solution.

This is from Gen. Caldwell's week briefing. He also announced the transfer of authority in Najaf province. The tip line is an important metric of Iraqi attitudes not only toward the enemy, but also toward the government. An increase in tips suggest a belief that the government can do something about the bad guys.


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