Democrats can't handle the truth about Iran

David Limbaugh:


... the Iranian president is a professed anti-Semite dedicated to exterminating Jews, he's a devout enemy of the West and freedom, and is quite unapologetically clear about his sinister aims concerning Israel and America, though he mostly pretends he is pursuing nuclear technology for legitimate reasons.

Yet liberals in the State Department and elsewhere -- mostly in the Democratic Party -- still don't seem to get it. They can't quite get their arms around the reality that unappeasable evil exists in the world.

They believe we can reason with despots, negotiate with terrorists and tame tyrants through tepid sanctions. Even when Ahmadinejad mocks the sanctions and defiantly pronounces he is proceeding on course, full speed ahead, the appeasers refuse to yield to their lying ears.

How can this nation possibly consider turning over the reins to politicians with such a recklessly misguided mindset? How can it consider giving the Democratic Party control over both the legislative and executive branches in 2008, notwithstanding the Republicans' regrettable performance on domestic spending and immigration?

If we're smart, we'll treat the Democrats' approach to Iraq as instructive on how they would approach Iran and other aspects of the war on terror and how they can't be trusted with national security.

Democrats would have us believe they are bullish on national security and as tough on terror as conservative hawks. They tell us they are tough, but "smart," which is a clever rhetorical device to disguise their consistent softness on terror -- opposing all the tools to prosecute the war and their absence of a plan on Iraq, other than empty criticism.

But why not? Through the miracle of modern propaganda, they have avoided accountability both for opposing the war in Iraq and supporting it. Who says they can't have it both ways?

This is what they did the last time they were in charge. They are willing to ignore Iran's part in the murder of Americans in order to further their vain search for "peace" in the middle east. These people can be trusted to put their fantasies of negotiations with murders ahead of the interest of defending America.


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