The Saudi threat to defend the Iraqi Sunnis

TigerHawk has a long post that discusses the Saudi threat to defend Iraqi Sunnis in the context of what Iran is doing in Iraq as well as a Diane West column.

While the discussion is done in the context of "realism" the Saudi threat is exactly what al Qaeda strategy has been focused on. The strategy is too create chaos and Shia retribution against the minority Sunni in order to give Sunni countries an excuse to step in and take charge of Iraq again. One of the flaws in this strategy is that if they did so it would not include al Qaeda in any leadership role.

However, the Saudi threat helps the Bush administration make the case for staying in Iraq to avoid just such a potential war between the Sunni states and Iran. The ancient anger between the Muslim faction will continue whatever happens, but it will be much more deadly if the US is not there to stop it.

Update: The Saudis deny any plans for intervening in Iraq.


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