Ethanol increases pollution

Jazz Shaw:
The bigger surprise is the fact that ethanol production and combustion significantly increases the production of nitrous oxides (Nox). This combines with oxygen in the atmosphere when exposed to sunlight, producing ozone. Now, when we have ozone far up in the atmosphere it helps shield the planet from the sun’s natural radiation, which is a good thing. But ground-level ozone produces no such benefit and actually contributes to the formation of smog and leads to respiratory ailments for many people.
Ethanol really sucks for small engines such as lawn equipment and boat motors.  I recently had to spend over $100 to get my lawn mower running again.  I recently found a local station that sells non ethanol gas and even though it cost 50 percent more it is worth to avoid the costly repairs. 

Ethanol was supposed to reduce US dependency on foreign oil, but in fact, it is now increasing it because refineries are having to buy RIN's rather than spending money on changing their facilities to refine the light crude being produced from shale wells.  Now, much of that light crude is being exported and the US is still importing heavy crude.

Biofuels are an unnecessary and costly boondoggle.  They should at least have to compete in the marketplace.  If they were any good they would not need a mandate.


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