The week that demonstrated that the media never really cared about 'Russian Collusion'

Eddie Scarry:
It was obvious before, but now there’s no doubt that the national media never cared about Russia “collusion” and that their breathless coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller is purely about taking an axe to President Trump.

Immediately following the convictions Tuesday of Paul Manafort, who served as one of Trump’s 2016 campaign managers, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, the media declared it a “win” for Mueller’s limitless probe.

The “win” amounts to multiple convictions of tax evasion and bank fraud by Manafort and a plea deal on the same things for Cohen, who also, supposedly most consequentially, claimed in his deal that Trump told him to pay off women to stay silent about their alleged affairs with him, a would-be violation of campaign finance laws.

None of it has to do with “collusion” or Russia, but it’s a win for the investigation that’s supposed to be looking at ... collusion and Russia.
What about a “bait and switch”?

The New York Times in its own editorial inadvertently admitted that’s what the Mueller probe has so far turned out to be.

This “investigation of foreign subversion of an American election” has turned up the payoff of porn actresses (by an American) and tax evasion that has taken place for years, well before the election (also by an American).

When do those nefarious Russian emojis come into play? Or, as we were previously bored at length to care about, the emails?

Most of the media are willing to admit that the Manafort convictions have nothing to do with Trump or the election so they’re hanging their hopes on Cohen’s claim that he acted on behalf of Trump to hush up the Playmate Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels about the alleged affairs.

Point No. 1: If Trump violated campaign rules, he deserves a big welcome to the fun club of people who have been accused or convicted of doing the same, including Rosie O’Donnell, Dinesh D’Souza, former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., and former Sen. John Edwards.

Edwards was using donor money to hide a mistress (who eventually had his child) while his wife was battling cancer.

Jackson Jr. was using campaign funds to buy a bunch of celebrity memorabilia.

Trump? He’s accused of using his own money to reimburse Cohen for the money paid to Daniels and McDougal right before the 2016 election, which he may or may not have been required to publicly disclose.
The craziest thing about this past week is the media pretending that what happened was important.  They are ready to gloss over their earlier allegations of Russian collusion to win an election and embrace the Mueller legal collusion to try to overturn the election.


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