The media should be upset with Mueller's attack on a decision whether or not to publish

Washington Post:
Trump once wanted the National Enquirer to win a Pulitzer. Now it may prove his downfall.

The cozy relationship between the tabloid and President Trump imploded last week as federal prosecutors gave its publisher legal immunity in exchange for his cooperation in their investigation of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.
If having cozy relationships were a problem for the media most of the liberals in that business would be in deep trouble because of the relationship with Trump haters.   They have been fed one misleading story after another on Russian collusion and other so-called Trump exposes.  In today's Post is a story that the media got wrong about Trump's lack of prior knowledge about a Trump Tower meeting.  That is just the latest of backtracking of misleading stories about the President who appears to be a subject of a deep hatred of many at the Post.

That being said, the 1st Amendment gives the media the right to make decisions about what they publish and do not publish and one should not need Robert Mueller's approval to make those decisions either way.  No publisher should need immunity for decisions made when it comes to publication.  Would the Post want to be challenged by a prosecutor for burying a story that would hurt a liberal Democrat?


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