Mueller doing a poor job of looking for Russia interference by providing material for Steele dossier

NY Times:

Trump, Undeterred by Sessions’s Rebuke, Urges Him to Examine Corruption on the ‘Other Side’

President Trump said “everyone” wants the Justice Department to resist political considerations as he resumed attacks on his attorney general.
The only clear case of Russian interference used by a candidate was that by Hillary Clinton and her campaign which paid for the Steele dossier and fed it to the FBI to use as an excuse for spying on the Trump campaign.  That seems to be pretty clear Russian collusion in an attempt to discredit the Trump campaign.

I have yet to hear a persuasive argument why that should not be a subject of inquiry by the DOJ or Mueller.  Ignoring plays into an obvious case of one-sided and unfair treatment.  Even though the dossier has been discredited, it was still used to effect the election and has been used by some as a basis for the coup attempt they have been trying against the Trump administration.


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