Calling for the murder of children of political opponents does not trigger Twitter when the victim is NRA spokeswoman

Jazz Shaw:
Just this weekend we were talking about the shifting definitions of “hate speech” in the eyes of the social media giants. My conclusion at that time was that the underlying (and admitted) liberal bias among the management and staff at Facebook and Twitter was always going to leave any proposed attempt at balance looking like weak tea at best. While this is only one of an uncounted number of stories playing out each day, another example cropped up this morning. NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch took to Twitter with some screen caps of a recent set of exchanges she had. One was a tweet from a “critic” who expressed some decidedly violent tendencies and the other was the response from Jack Dorsey’s crew after they supposedly “investigated” her complaint.

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Apparently this doesn’t violate @TwitterSupport TOS. I know several conservatives who have been suspended for far less. cc @jack
So calling for the killing of someone's children is OK with Twitter if the parents are not liberals?

It is another blatant example of bias by social media that needs to be addressed.


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