Limousine liberals back O'Rourke, Texans should back Cruz in Senate race

Peter Heck:
... is simply shocking to me that no one in the Democrat Party hierarchy – nationally or in Texas – has thought to put an end to the championing of O’Rourke by people who are, shall we say, not exactly cut from Texas cloth.

Start with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong who decided to weigh-in by quote-tweeting O’Rourke’s now viral remarks about how protesting the national anthem is the most “American” thing he can think of. Armstrong commented:
“Dear my fellow Texans, we have a choice. This guy or Ted Cruz. It’s time for reasonable and balanced talk on ALL issues – here’s one snippet. WE are for Beto O’Rourke.”
First of all, Cruz’s willingness to debate and discuss issues is among the most reasonable in the Senate. I dare say you won’t find another Senator in Washington more willing to debate and discuss issues with the opposition than Cruz. What Armstrong really means isn’t “It’s time for reasonable and balanced talk” on the issues, he means it’s time for “liberal and progressive talk” on the issues. That’s a big difference that isn’t lost on people who think.

But most importantly, Armstrong’s line “WE are for Beto O’Rourke” isn’t helpful to Beto O’Rourke. Because just in case you’re unaware, Lance Armstrong hasn’t exactly carved out a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness. While O’Rourke undoubtedly welcomes Lance’s money and vote, I’m guessing the publicized endorsement from one of the most notorious frauds in the history of athletics isn’t exactly a feather in his cap.

And consider that this endorsement came just a couple days after the NBA’s most anti-second amendment limousine liberal, Steve Kerr, commented on those same controversial remarks of O’Rourke:
“Please watch this and be reminded of what thoughtful leadership looks and sounds like. Thank you Beto O’Rourke for giving us a glimpse of our future. Things will get better!”
Leave aside Kerr’s penchant for arrogant and unkind, virtue-signaling rants about everyone who disagrees with his leftist politics, and remember that the guy is the coach of an NBA super team that, through their questionable recruitment of all-stars, has positioned itself as nearly invincible by any rival – a couple of the best coming from…you guessed it…Texas. That’s like having the manager of the Boston Red Sox endorse a candidate in New York City. The likelihood of backfire seems immense.

Add to those the endorsements of radical race-baiting, grandstanding singer John Legend, LGBT activist Ellen DeGeneres, and even the disgraced former corrupt president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, and you could see all this playing directly into the hands of Ted Cruz.
Take another look at that quote from Kerr.   He ends it by saying "Things will get better."  The fact is that things did not start getting better until the Democrats lost the presidency in 2016.  Now the economy is rolling and people who have been long-term unemployed are getting jobs and getting off government dependency.  In fact, things are better because Obama's bad policies are being replaced and we need people like Cruz to keep that momentum going against the evils of liberalism.


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