Sticking to discredited story becomes a problem for media

If You Want To Know Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Media, Watch CNN

Trump’s hyperbole has currency because the media often live up to conservatives' worst expectations.
Watching CNN these days is like watching hate TV.  So many of their on-air "talent" hate the President and they don't bother to try to hide it that it becomes unwatchable.  I get the impression that CNN and the Washington Posts are full of people who when they are not working on reporting sit around and bitch about Trump and work up their hate for him.  They have lost all objectivity.  The case in point with CNN is their sticking by a story even after their primary source said he was wrong.

Jack Hellner also critiques the masters of disaster media:
Even before Donald Trump won the election, the media were attacking his economic policies and saying he isn't qualified to be president. As the good news on the economy pours in and he is winning on trade deals and other things, the attacks continue. Instead of reporting the good news, the complicit media trot out Lanny Davis with fake news stories, Stormy Daniels, Omarosa (whom they couldn't stand before), and anyone else willing to trash Trump. That is the only agenda. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Apple are blocking opposing thought as fast as they can. The night of the election in 2016, Paul Krugman, someone who is called an expert, predicted economic disaster and called Trump and the businessmen he surrounded himself with as ignorant. Of course he supported Obama, who gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years.
Hellner gives several examples of those who predicted gloom and doom from Trump's policies.

I think this is where the media really is hurting its own credibility.  It is still acting like the US is in an economic crisis because of Trump when it clearly doing much better under Trump's policies.   If they would just be fair, they too would be doing much better.


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