Democrat senator tries to make incredible case for obstruction of justice for what?

Washington Examiner:
A Democratic senator claimed Wednesday that special counsel Robert Mueller could mount a "credible case" against President Trump for obstruction of justice after the president confirmed White House counsel Don McGahn would be leaving the administration in the fall.

"Nobody knows all of what he knows. But he's been at the president's right arm as the president has committed some acts that very plausibly amount to obstruction of justice," Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said of McGahn during an interview with MSNBC.

McGahn has been "in a sense" a witness as Trump potentially tried to thwart damaging federal investigations into administration officials by dismissing former FBI Director James Comey in May 2017, Blumenthal said.

"There's a credible case of obstruction of justice right now against the president of the United States, and Don McGahn has been at his side, at his right arm, through all that," he added. "He knows the motive, he knows what the president said when he wanted to fire Comey initially."

McGahn helped devise a pretext for firing Comey with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he said.

Trump reportedly briefed McGahn on his decision to push out Comey before turning to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his No. 2 at the Justice Department to provide reasons to explain the urgent need to part ways.
So what investigation has been obstructed?  None.  Mueller and his team of angry Democrats have spent millions and come up with nothing on their original mission to find Trump campaign collusion with Russians.  They have brought a few process crimes and cases against Manaofort for unrelated matters but the fact of the matter is that there was no Russian collusion case to obstruct because it did not happen.

What has happened is that the Democrat and the media coup attempt against Trump has been exposed as an exercise in searching for any excuse to impeach Trump and they keep coming up empty.  Blumenthal is pushing a fraud.  It is absurd to suggest that the President can't change his attorney.  Anyone in this country has that right including the President. 


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