Another media fail, majority agree with Trump on revoking Brennan's clearance

PJ Media:
A new poll shows that a majority of Americans support the president's right to revoke security clearances of former government officials.

According to the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll online survey, "59 percent of registered voters felt Brennan should have lost his security clearance, while 64 percent said Comey and others at the FBI who were fired or demoted over their actions should lose their clearance."

This comes after a media firestorm over Trump's decision to revoke ex-CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance culminated with a letter of condemnation from 175 former intelligence officials. It also comes after CNN's excitable intelligence analyst Phil Mudd had an embarrassing on-air meltdown when a guest stated that former government officials frequently leverage their security clearances for high-paying consulting or media gigs.

Sixty percent of registered voters agree with CNN's now suspended guest Paris Dennard that "former national security officials who become consultants and TV news contributors should give up their national security clearances."
This has to be a shock to the anti-Trump left in the media.


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