Will those behind the coup attempt against the President finally be held accountable?

Washington Post:
McCain’s death marks changing of the guard — with potential consequences for holding Trump accountable

Two most vocal Republican critics pass their powerful committee gavels to two of the president's biggest supporters, portending a sweeping change in how Congress may use its oversight authority to check the president’s agenda.
The President's agenda has boosted the US economy and has defeated ISIS and put the screws to hostile regimes like North Korea and Iran and is working to bring fairness to US trading partners.  Why would any sane person want to stop that?

Those who oppose this agenda have been plotting a coup attempt against the President through nefarious means since before the election.  They are looking for any excuse to overturn the results of the election from the use of a bogus dossier and allegations of Russian collusion to now treating minor campaign finance laws as a capital offense.   Unfortunately, the Post has been one of the biggest backers of this coup attempt and this piece is typical of their approach to coverage of events.

It is time to bring the coup plotters to justice.  It is time to hold Hillary Clinton responsible for her gross mishandling of classified material.  It is time to hold her and those in the DNC responsible for their campaign finance violations in using a law firm as a cut out in the payment to Fusion GPS and Steele for a bogus dossier.


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