Sanctuary cities are a liability for Democrats in red states

Jared Peterson:
Every threatened Republican in Congress, the Senate, or a governor's mansion needs to hammer away in political ads at the now officially anti-American Democratic Party's support for universally despised sanctuary cities.

The protection of criminal illegal aliens from deportation is perhaps the single most suicidal political stance the Democrats have taken in a generation. That's not an easy accolade to win.

The Democratic Party's position on sanctuary cities is a gift of enormous potential electoral benefit to Republicans and conservatives struggling in an atmosphere of anti-conservative media hysteria to avoid loss of the House and gain seats in the Senate in an off-year election.

But this amazingly self-destructive position won't be worth a damn if Republican campaigns don't have the prescience and the guts to hang it around the necks of every Democrat seeking a big desk in Washington and elsewhere.

Perhaps there's hope in milquetoast land.

It appears that the Cramer campaign to unseat N.D. Democrat senator Heitkamp understands that to beat the left, you have to put on political brass knuckles.

Its ad exposing Heitkamp's votes for sanctuary cities, though mild (and perhaps the right tone for civilized North Dakota), hits the nail on the head.

The venue for the ad, its placement – whether Facebook, YouTube, TV, etc. – is a tactical decision to be made by those on site. Raise the winning theme. Then repeat it. Then restate it differently. Then repeat again. That's how you win trials. That's how you win elections.
I think this is another state where Republicans can pick up a Senate seat.


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