Media attempts to mislead about the danger posed by open borders policies

Julie Kelly:
Now, think about this: Based on estimates from survey numbers rather than raw data from legitimate sources, the American news media is trying to convince us that native and naturalized citizens are more dangerous than illegals. An analysis by the Heritage Foundation last year debunked Cato’s flawed work and suggested that “it has not been proven that illegal aliens commit crimes at a lesser rate than either native-born or naturalized American citizens. In fact, existing data may support the opposite conclusion.”

Heritage links to a 2011 GAO report that provides much more specific data about the criminal behavior of illegal immigrants. According to the GAO, criminal aliens (the government’s term) represent one-fourth of the total population of inmates incarcerated in federal prison. If estimates that there are about 11 million illegals in this country are correct, that’s only three percent of the total U.S. population. Further, about one-third of inmates in state and local jail are here illegally.

Aside from charges for immigration violations, nearly half have been arrested for drugs; 35 percent for assault; 12 percent for sexual violence; and eight percent for murder. (Only about four percent of the prisoners in the federal penitentiary have been convicted of murder.) So how does all this square with the blaring headlines claiming illegals commit fewer crimes than legal residents?

It doesn’t. The politicization of Mollie’s murder is coming not from Donald Trump or Republicans who have been accused of “seizing” upon this tragedy: It is actively being exploited by open borders advocates who want us to ignore the obvious implications of a young girl’s murder, and mislead us with phony statistics, name calling, and baseless tropes. (Nowrasteh astonishingly even makes this assertion: “Increased enforcement of our immigration laws is not a good way to prevent murders.”)
Meanwhile, illegal immigrant killers are engaged in permanent family separation for many innocent Americans.  The media and the open borders lobby aren't just defensive, they are offensive to common sense.


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