The Democrats unending war against President Trump

Precisely how does Bill Clinton's main legal fixer turn up as Michael Cohen's attorney in a plea bargain with a special prosecutor?

If you put that kind of plot line in a political thriller, the public would laugh you off the newsstand book racks. Nonetheless, we now have Lanny Davis, special counsel to the president for Bill Clinton during 1996-1998, declaring to CNN: "It's my observation that Mr. Cohen has knowledge that would be of interest to the special counsel about the issue of whether Donald Trump, ahead of time, knew about the hacking of emails, which is a computer crime." On Tuesday Davis told MSNBC that Cohen knew about "the possibility of a conspiracy to collude and corrupt the American democracy system in the 2016 election."

There you have it, boys and girls: None of this has anything to do with paying off floozies who claimed to have done the dirty with a presidential candidate. No one cares about that. It's about using the legal system to extract "confessions" from Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen that will keep the Black Legend alive of a Russian hack of the 2016 elections. Cohen has no more knowledge of this, I am ready to wager, than he does of space aliens colonizing Chicago. Nonetheless, the swamp and their pet jackals in the media will spin new allegations until the public gets dizzy.

That's the sort of plot line that would would have gone straight into the late Tom Clancy's wastebasket. The outrage is not that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians -- the whole story is silly. The outrage is that a Clinton family operative, namely Mr. Davis, is playing tag team with special counsel Robert Mueller, to sustain a phony story about Russian collusion which, in turn, provides the pretext for more fishing expeditions in the Trump camp. If you want to find collusion, look for it between the special counsel, the Clinton mafia, and the swamp in the Intelligence Community.
Trump's only "crime" was in defeating Clinton fair and square.  That is what the bogus dossier was about and it is what the charges against Manafort and Cohen are all about.  They are a bad faith effort by a bunch of sore losers.  Mueller was not investigating a crime after being appointed but searching desperately to find one to use as an excuse for a Democrat coup attempt.


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