The left is attempting to stifle conservative speech and organizations

Jeff Dunetz:
The Left’s New Offensive In Their Economic War On Conservative Speech

The way things are trending the future will see execution as the penalty for conservative thought. The evidence is clear the left is ramping up its war on conservative free speech. We’ve already the social media platforms’ censorship of Alex Jones, or NY Governor Cuomo’s attempts to get banks and insurance companies to stop working with the NRA, or even YouTube’s removal of Dennis Prager’s “Prager U” videos.

Visa and Mastercard have blocked service to the David Horowitz Freedom Center because the far left hate group, The Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC) pressured them into believing that the Horowitz Center is a hate group.

The Daily Wire tells us of the SPLC’s actions against Horowitz....
The Obama did this same approach in stopping banks from servicing accounts at gun stores.  The left has become the anti-liberty party.  They would do away with teh 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution if they could.


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