The illegal alien vote the Democrats try to hide

One of the great political divides in the nation has been on voter ID. Many of us on the right believe that it should be at least as hard to raise our taxes and send our kids to war as it is to buy a package of pseudoephedrine (see, for instance). Democrats claim that there is no such thing as a voter fraud and the only reason to require ID is because the poor and minorities and the dead find it very hard to figure out how to get any kind of identification even when it is free.

In particular, there is a whole industry on the left that claims that illegals, in particular, don’t vote because, well, that would be illegal and no one who’d already shown themselves to be a scofflaw would possibly ignore another law. This is despite some jurisdictions trying to put illegals on their voting rolls, ostensibly to vote in “local” elections. In reality, once they are on the rolls, they can vote in federal elections, too. The odds of San Francisco, or any other jurisdiction buying into this nonsense, checking birth certificates before registering people to vote approaches zero.

Hopefully, though, we can put the myth of the non-voting illegal to bed for once and for all.

The entire immigration stalemate is not driven by the GOP wanting to sustain a majority white ethno-state…though a lot of the left and some on the right believe this to be the case. It is driven by the desire of the Democrats to create a dependent and reliable group of voters: illegals. The Democrat opposition to The Wall and to Voter ID have one objective, let as many illegals as possible into the country and allow them to vote. If there was a good faith effort by the Democrats to secure the US borders and enforce our immigration laws, then we, on the right, would have an incentive to talk about DREAMers and overall immigration policy. These indicted illegals are just the tip of the iceberg. They come from one area of North Carolina and they were discovered by chance. A real investigation of voting by illegals nationwide will be much, much worse.
Democrats need illegal voters because their base is shrinking.  It was shrinking before the "walk away" movement.  They abandoned much of the blue collar electorate and became the party of the coastal elites and college campuses.  They need dependency to survive and that is one of the reasons they are so appalled at the job creation Trump has created with tax cuts and deregulation.  Taking those people off the dependency roles and making them productive is scary for Democrats.

Another attempt by Democrats to change the US demographic during the Obama administration grew out of the displacement caused by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  It is a movement that Obama allowed to metastasize when he prematurely retreated US forces from Iraq.  The primary victims of ISIS were Middle Eastern Christians and Yazidi.  But Obama let hardly any refugees who were being subjected to genocide into the US. 

Instead, he brought in mainly Muslim refugees and seeded them mainly in red states in an attempt to change the demographics of those states.  I don't think he sent any to San Francisco.  Nor did he send any, to my knowledge to Vermont which is a state that has been losing population and is a reliable Democrat state.  Vermont if offering people $10,000 to move to that state now, but I don't think they got any refugees.


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