An investigation begun on the false premise of the Steele dossier is distracting from a real economic boom

Rush Limbaugh:
The Steele Dossier Is Fake. This Economic Boom Is Real.

This document, which is made up of nothing but lies and is not intelligence, it was a document that Hillary Clinton asked be written to use against Trump during the campaign. It’s made up of all kinds of fallacious and phony allegations about Trump designed to make him look like a pervert and a reprobate and an immoral ass. This phony document was used by high-ranking officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice to get a warrant to literally spy on the Trump presidential campaign.

So our government, run by at the time Barack Obama, commissioned spies, allowed spying of the Trump campaign on the basis of a phony document Hillary Clinton asked to be written, and everybody that went to the FISA court to get the warrant to spy knew that it was made up, knew that it was a pack of lies. They succeeded in getting it circulated in the media and published in the media.

Then James Comey, working with Robert Mueller, engineered Mueller being hired and chosen as a special counsel to investigate Trump obstructing justice because he fired Comey. Comey and Mueller are practically blood brothers. We have an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion for which two years of investigation has found nothing.

What has been found is that Hillary Clinton wrote the dossier, that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian agents to write the dossier, that Hillary Clinton hired people to make all this happen, including a company called Fusion GPS and a law firm called Perkins Coie. We know that the FBI and the Department of Justice were in on it. We know that after they got the FISA warrant to spy that they embedded spies in the Trump campaign. We know that they planted ideas in the heads of peripheral Trump supporters, and then when those Trump supporters repeated what they’d been told, the Trump supporter was then used as evidence that the Trump campaign knew the Russians were trying to infiltrate.

Folks, none of this, not a single element of this is true. And look what it has spawned and look what it has caused. There is an investigation going on that’s ruining people, that is attempting to overturn the results of an election. And the people that did it, the people that actually did collude with Russians, the people that actually did hire spies and put them in the Trump campaign are getting away with it! They are not being investigated. In fact, the investigation into Trump is designed to cover up the crimes that these people committed, including the people the FBI, including the director and all the names that you know.
The media wants desperately to believe those lies and they really don't care about the truth.  That is where we are with the mainstream media in this country.  It is not enough that they keep pushing these lies, but they also are attacking not just people who worked on the campaign, but the media is also attacking the Trump voters who do not believe them.


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